Friday, August 29, 2008

Cannabis Wall and other things

It's about 7pm on a friday night in North Vancouver. The clouds have finally split and it's feeling rather autumn-like this evening- cool and dry and without the heavy muggy feeling of summer.
Lately, it has been hammering rain in Squamish. I have been in Site 52 in the campground for the most part, working some and climbing less.

I have been working on Cobra Crack with Matt Segal a bit. That route is, without a doubt, the finest single pitch I have ever laid eyes on. It is damn hard, but not impossible. This winter I am going to work on my one-finger mono strength and core tension so I can do the crux. Mostly though, I have been having a riot hanging with Matt. Matt is a couple years older than me but we share a similar outlook on life. Basically, we both have trouble taking anything seriously and find ourselves laughing hysterically even when the Cobra is soaked and we should be brooding.

Also, I have been fooling around on the Cannabis wall, trying to find a way too free the thing. It will be stout, no doubt. But I've got high hopes and am banking on a perfect three week stretch of bluebird weather this September. Wouldn't that be sweet?