Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Grand Wall Speed Record

Climbing is pretty pointless. Is there a reason to race up the Grand Wall as fast as possible with a dangerously small rack? No, not really. But if you're going to play a stupid game you might as well have stupid amounts of fun doing it.

Kruk and I got stoked on the idea of beating Sig and Guy's 1:44 record, set twelve years ago. Over a couple Pilsners one night, we trimmed down the rack and postulated on our systems. 30 metre rope, one Yates ROCKER and a selection of Metolius TCUs and draws.

We had one dry run where we got caught behind some Euros with a dozens of ropes on the Pillar.... Rough. Try two started at 7:30pm after a half day of guiding. Krukker and I cracked a couple enormous energy drinks and dashed to the base. 1 hour 13 minutes later we were at the top of the Roman Chimneys, chests heaving and borderline spitting blood... I was blown away at how fast Kruk led the Roman Chimneys. The guy is an animal.

We had a couple Pilsners stashed in Jason's car and guzzled them with the beats of Tupac blasting on my little "sound system".

For me, the highlight was leading the Sword in the dying evening light, shirtless and at top speed. Pretty much as good as it gets.