Saturday, October 11, 2008

El CAP-i-tan

Nico Favresse, Belgian bad-ass, has freed a new route on El Cap somewhere in the vicinity of 'Bad to the Bone' and 'Eagles Way.' His partner Sean Villaneauva accompanied him on the adventure and freed alot of it as well.

Nico just related to me how touch and go the climbing was. Apparently, he had no idea if the route would go free as he slowly inched his way up the wall. The guys took enormous whippers along the way, and pulled off big blocks.

Mentally, Nico is one of the toughest climbers out there. Anybody who can free dicey 5.13 on knifeblades gets my full respect. Nico did that day after day without knowing whether his efforts would even amount to a free route. He just tried really hard and hoped for the best. For some reason, I think that luck favors those who push the absolute hardest.