Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Aardvark and the Ferret

Above is a shot looking out the window before my flight to the UK. McCarren International. Las Vegas Nevada.

Its good to be back in the United Kingdom. We've been riding our bikes around lots, and I've almost been hit a few times. The streets are narrow, and people drive on the left side of the road over here. The bike riding is almost as sketchy as the headpointing. The terrain is 'heads-up', mate.

Last year my friend Harold vividly described the beta on 'the Aardvark and the Ferret' at his native crag, Avon Gorge. Avon isn't a world class venue by any stretch, but for an urban crag its pretty damn good. Only a three minute bike ride away from Hazel's flat, this crag is a whacky combo of grit-like rock and fossil-infused limestone. The movement is a blast, and you are never far away from a frosty pint.

Harold is an excitable lad, and I'll never forget him pantomiming 'the ferret move' on this Avon Gorge classic. Sunday dawned perfectly clear, and I convinced Madeline and Harold to venture into the gorge.

Here's a few pics below.

This is me doing the dreaded "ferret" move. Or is it the "aardvark" move?

Harold leading off into the great unknown.

Madeline coping with some devious corner work. Respect.

First lead attempt on the Ferret. Note the Kokanee toque. These come in select 24 packs of Kokanee if anyone is interested in acquiring one.

Nothing beats finishing the day with a Gem. So, so smooth.