Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whatever Happened

Well, the Strokes have released their fourth album. I'm happy about that.
Like Julian said, "Its more important what you do than when you do it."

In other news, I've broken my talus bone and cracked a vertebrae in my neck. Like Julian, I'm more concerned about healing quality than healing time. If everything goes well I'll be taking it easy this summer, then perhaps turning up the volume in the autumn.

I will go into details later about the accident. All I will say now is that it involved England, the Sheffield Hospital, and a rugged flight home with a bottle of Laphroiag single malt scotch and lots of painkillers. My buddy Leo, who broke his talus bone on Cerro Torre, said this was also a common injury for Spitfire pilots in World War II.

I drove down to Smith Rock a couple days ago to hobble around the cliffs, try to clear my head. The crutch down to the dihedrals took a good half hour. On the long trudge out, some kid tailed me for a while, peppering me with questions about how I broke myself. Please leave me alone, I thought. Then, after about 5 minutes, he said, "It looks like you need to find Jesus." It made me smile.

Its good to smell the Juniper again.