Sunday, June 19, 2011

Back at it

Paul Bride shot: don't steal.

I have been on a roof crack kick as of late. Here's a shot of me scrambling the Whistler 500, north of Chek. This 12b was established in 1987 by either Keith Reid or Hamish Fraser, two old-school crushers. Keith is the President of the ACMG, which lends significant 'cool factor' to the organization. Keith, celebrated ski ballerina, is responsible for loads of testpieces in the Sea to Sky Corridor, and mostly goes by the moniker KFR. Hamish went ground-up where no others had gone before, and came away with a ticklist of some seriously fearsome routes.

Kercous, famous dog of Squamish, recently turned 14, which is very old for a golden retriever. Above is a shot of the golden prince and I enjoying a gentleman's measure of Famous Grouse in celebration of the big milestone.

I was down in Yosemite for a while, hanging out, trying to relearn how to walk and climb again. It was a cool trip. Charlie Long and I rattled down there in his Mazda B2200, which has no suspension and goes approximately 90 KM per hour, max. It took a while. But it was well worth it to see the old El Capitan again. Just being down there, even if I'm not in top form, really fires me up. Call me cosmic and strange- I don't care- but that place has a special energy.

Some inspiring things as of late: Hayden "Cougar Bait" Kennedy and Jason "Spirit Bear" Kruk put in a real impressive bid on the North Twin in the Canadian Rockies. The North Twin is no joke- absolutely gigantic and loose- and the boys came close to sending. Just saddling up to that objective is nothing to scoff at. Its the sort of face that nightmares are made of. Also, Alex Honnold soloed the Phoenix, which is ballistic. Kudos, my friends.