Friday, July 15, 2011

A Wet Summer

Its been a long wet spring and the summer really hasn't kicked off yet. My friends Matt Segal and John Dickey have made the trek up north and its been great chilling with those boys. Matt and I have done many mission, put back more than a few wobbly pops, and climbed loads of pitches together. The last time he was up here we were hanging the late Micah Dash, and Matt climbed the Cobra Crack. I belayed him, then we drank a bottle of Kokanee outside the Liquor Store with Hazel Findlay. When I look back at that picture it seems like decades ago. So much has changed.

Matt is a constant source of energy... almost feverish maniacal energy... But it stokes me up. He's a real bud, the type that Skypes you from Nepal when you can't walk and are in a dark hole.

I got a chance to show my Arch Project to Matt. I first tried this line in 2008 after I got a tip from Zack Smith that it was doable. There was one move that I couldn't do back then, then I revisited it last year and did all the moves. The key to the puzzle was unlocked. On my best bid I one-falled it on lead. I sorta felt that it was on the ropes for a send this spring... then I broke bones in the UK, and just walking around the block with Elsa the dog was a major accomplishment. Setbacks. But that's all part of the game. Its not a question of whether or not you'll get injured. It happens. Its a question of how you deal with it. You gotta move on and bounce back.

Pops after the Cobra.

Contemporary shot of Segal. John Dickey photo.

One day this war is going to be over.... Ryan Olson Photo.