Monday, September 12, 2011

September Heat Wave

Its September 12th and it feels like mid-August here in Squamish. I've been guiding lots in the hot sun. The Arch project is on hold for now- and though I'd love to finish it up, it may have to wait for next spring. I'm very excited for an upcoming Yosemite Valley trip with Sonnie Trotter in October.

In other news, check out the new issue of Explore Magazine if you'd like to read a profile about me. JB MacKinnon wrote the piece. JB is an exceptional writer. He wrote a piece about the Grand Wall for Explore years ago that Jason Kruk and I absolutely loved. I feel like I learned something about myself from reading this profile. It focuses on climbing, risk and the fine line between boldness and recklessness. I think that, on the whole, the media glamorizes risk-taking too much, and fails to paint the complete picture of it all. I like JB's piece because it shows the flip side of the coin, along with some sharp third-person perspective on the game I play.

I feel like companies need to be very careful about how they portray risky climbing in advertisements. Seeing a full-page ad of someone soloing, with no caveat or background, is a bit irresponsible. Kids, just getting into climbing, don't see the calculated boldness behind these feats; they only see the RAD factor. Yes, its up to everyone to make their own decisions. But I feel like we could do a bit better in helping younger people see what goes into those bold climbs. Maybe I'm just feeling a bit more responsibility as I get older.

Explore Magazine has named me Canada's 'Top Outdoor Athlete' under 30, which is really flattering. Thanks guys- I really appreciate it. I don't quite know if I deserve that tag, but I am grateful nonetheless.

Below is a few snaps from the summer.

Wobbly pop on the top of the Chief at Sonnie's stag party. Congrats my friend on tying the knot with Lydia! Very happy for you. Neel Parikh photo.

After climbing the Squamish Buttress with my Dad for his Fathers Day present. Rob hadn't climbed in a long time, but luckily possesses boatloads of "old-man strength."

Getting baked by the sun while repeating an obscure Guy Edwards' 12a at Skaha during the Skaha Climbers Festival. Rest in peace, Guy.

Adrian None photo.